Following on from a previous episode on sibling rivalry I’m delighted to introduce my next guest to the show, Natasha Rose.  As well as being an accomplished and celebrated businesswoman in a traditionally male industry (construction) Natasha is also a talented amateur actress.

Natasha is starring in an upcoming version of the Jane Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility, which highlights the challenges we all face when putting other people’s needs before our own.  Austen’s Elinor and Marianne beautifully portray the family dynamics that can play out in these scenarios and the impact that these can have on how we feel.  Natasha and I discuss what might be going on here, particularly for her character, Elinor.  There’s also some defence mechanism spotting too.

To catch Natasha and the rest of the cast in this fabulous performance you can find out more and buy tickets at

Here are the highlights of this episode:

(4.53) Say what you feel

(7.15) “I require so much”

(11.38) Defence mechanisms in overdrive

(12.35) Rationalisation