In this episode, we tackle the daunting topic of redundancy after 50, with my guest Tom Parkin, who shares his journey from a stable career to an unexpected redundancy at 51. 

Tom’s story is not just about the struggles, but also the resilience and value experience brings, offering hope and strategies for those in similar situations. 

Join us as we uncover how an apparent setback can lead to new beginnings and affirm that life’s potential doesn’t diminish with age.

I’m really excited to share this episode, featuring my first-ever guest with you today. 

Here are the highlights: 

(2:24) Career, redundancy, and an unexpected turn of events

(7:06) Ageism in the workplace

(12:35) Career transition and COVID-19 impact

(16:46) Unemployment and job search challenges

(27:29) Returning to work after a long absence

(32:42) Career rediscovery and job search strategies