Welcome to The Dynamics of Everyday Life, where we’re setting off on an incredible journey into the realm of psychodynamic theory with me.

I’m here to take the seemingly complex concepts of psychology and break them down into digestible, relatable bits that can apply to our daily lives.

Together, we’ll uncover the mysteries of our inner selves, navigate the intricacies of human relationships, and discover the keys to personal happiness.

We all know the days when we take a deep breath and metaphorically put on our armour.  It’s not fun.  But why are we doing this?  What’s happening when we feel like we need to defend ourselves against people, situations or the world in general?  In this episode I’m exploring why we might be reaching for our shields and […]
Pain is something that all of us will go through at some point in our lives, and for some of us it will be chronic.  However, this isn’t talked about very much and most people will rely on painkillers and what their healthcare provider tells them to do.  This might work – and it might not, and […]
Don’t go to the DIY store for milk.  Seems simple doesn’t it?  If only it was as easy as it sounds.  In this episode I’m exploring why we will often look to get our needs met in places and people that aren’t right for us, and the corresponding upset that this can cause.  Fortunately we don’t have to be […]
Why do we do things over and over again, even though we tell ourselves that we are going to do things differently?  Why is it so hard to make changes that we know we want to make?  In this episode I dive into another of Freud’s concepts; the compulsion to repeat.  By looking at the theory and applying […]
Today I’m thinking about a moment that many of us will have experienced and would most likely rather forget – that of being the last one to be picked for a team in our PE classes.  It seems to be something that hasn’t been left behind, despite our best efforts.  I’m interested in what the reasons for […]
In this episode, we tackle the daunting topic of redundancy after 50, with my guest Tom Parkin, who shares his journey from a stable career to an unexpected redundancy at 51.  Tom’s story is not just about the struggles, but also the resilience and value experience brings, offering hope and strategies for those in similar […]
Are there people in your life that you struggle to get along with? Maybe you find yourself questioning who you are in the relationship.  There are many factors that can affect our friendships and in this episode I want us to look at one of the biggest ones, transference! I’ll help you understand why we […]
School plays an important role in helping us find people with similar interests. It also provides us with enough time to build great friendships. But when it’s over and we enter the real world, it can be challenging to find and maintain friends. Today, we’re exploring ways to cultivate meaningful friendships as adults and how […]
Covid changed the world in many ways, including how we work. Remote working has become popular but as much as it has its benefits, it also has its downsides. We’re spending more time in a virtual world which can affect our bodies and mind.  Today’s episode will help get us to reflect on remote working […]
Welcome to episode one of The Dynamics of Everyday Life, where we’re diving into the world of the unconscious. In this episode, we’re peeling back the layers of our identity, exploring the hidden drivers of our behaviours and reactions.  With a dash of humour and heaps of insights, we uncover the secrets Freud and Jung […]