I’m excited to welcome my next guest to the show today; Dr Jill McGarry.  Jill is a Clinical Psychologist with 28 years of NHS experience in psychological support for people with mental health issues.  She has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience at improving sleep for several client groups, including setting up a reasonable adjustment sleep apnoea clinic for Greater Manchester. Currently Jill runs a private practice for improving sleep whilst working part time in the psychology department at Manchester’s NHS Sleep Service. Over the past two years Jill has carried out numerous sleep awareness courses for wellbeing teams in NHS trusts and ICBs; schools/ college forums; fitness/ yoga/mindfulness coaches; counselling organisations; medical staff; care and respite home managers; leadership and management coaches; private organisations (property developer and bakery); organisations with nightshift workers.  Recently Jill has advised Baywater and NHS England on a project to develop materials for people with sleep apnoea and trained Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapists for Counselling Foundation, Take A Seat and in Dubai for PILL.  Throughout this work Jill has supported many people who have had sleep problems as they go from exhausted to energised.

 Jill and I are going to be talking about all things sleep related, and how this huge part of our lives can impact our health and our wellbeing – and how we feel about ourselves.   We also touch on what might be going on for us unconsciously in our sleep, in our dreams.  So sit back and enjoy, and hopefully look forward to some better nights’ sleep afterwards!

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mobile no: 07768068070

Here are the highlights for this episode:

(4.10) 1 Big B and 3 tiny Ts

(21.21) Timing when you have coffee

(29.36) Sleep debt

(30.20) The importance of naps

(36.34) Teenagers and sleep

(42.48) Dreams