There are many different reasons as to why we can’t leave a relationship, friendship or situation.  And so many times we beat ourselves up for not being strong enough.  Maybe we feel we lack confidence.  But what if it’s actually our minds trying to protect us?  What if it’s something that’s – ironically – trying to keep us safe?

In this week’s episode I consider what might be going on for us when this is happening, and how we can give ourselves some grace.  And what song will be going round your head by the end of it?  The Communards “I never can say goodbye”? Or will it be a Kylie classic?

Here are the highlights of this episode:

(1.40) A Kylie classic

(2.57) Anna Freud

(3.09) Denial

(4.46) Rationalisation

(6.11) Intellectualisation