Welcome to The Dynamics of Everyday Life, where we’re setting off on an incredible journey into the realm of psychodynamic theory with me.

I’m here to take the seemingly complex concepts of psychology and break them down into digestible, relatable bits that can apply to our daily lives.

Together, we’ll uncover the mysteries of our inner selves, navigate the intricacies of human relationships, and discover the keys to personal happiness.

Do we know why we do things?  What can our reasons be?  We have been told over the last few years that we should have “purpose” or know what our “why” is.  Yet sometimes that’s not so easy to do.  And how do we feel if we are the ones struggling to find out our “why” in a world […]
In this episode I am exploring why we might be consciously – or unconsciously – avoiding looking in certain areas of our lives.  It won’t surprise you to learn that we will be delving back into the world of defence mechanisms.  What you might not be expecting is a nod to Melanie Klein, as well as our […]
Following on from a previous episode on sibling rivalry I’m delighted to introduce my next guest to the show, Natasha Rose.  As well as being an accomplished and celebrated businesswoman in a traditionally male industry (construction) Natasha is also a talented amateur actress. Natasha is starring in an upcoming version of the Jane Austen classic, Sense […]
We all know that feeling of “I’ll do it tomorrow” whilst being fully aware that we won’t do it tomorrow, or even the next day.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  Are we just making our lives harder for no reason?  In this episode as well as meeting our old friends rationalisation and denial we are […]
Sibling rivalry isn’t just something that we leave at home, only to be brought out again at family events and Christmas.  The way that we learn to be in the sibling dynamic can have a profound impact on how we relate to people as we grow and develop in life.  Sibling rivalry can exist for only children […]
Power takes on many shapes and forms.  There is the power wielded over us by those who govern us and those who hold an authoritarian role in our lives, and there is our own personal power.  The power that is unique to us, and yet this is the one that we are often not in touch with […]
There are many different reasons as to why we can’t leave a relationship, friendship or situation.  And so many times we beat ourselves up for not being strong enough.  Maybe we feel we lack confidence.  But what if it’s actually our minds trying to protect us?  What if it’s something that’s – ironically – trying to keep us safe? […]
How often do we say something and then worry that we have said the wrong thing?  Often we will then run this over and over in our minds, thinking about if we have upset other people or what we could have said instead.  We can tie ourselves up in knots about a particular conversation or event, frequently […]
I’m excited to welcome my next guest to the show today; Dr Jill McGarry.  Jill is a Clinical Psychologist with 28 years of NHS experience in psychological support for people with mental health issues.  She has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience at improving sleep for several client groups, including setting up a reasonable adjustment […]
No is a small word, so we often think we need to add extra words after it, to make a complete sentence.  But this just isn’t true.  “No” is a sentence in itself.  We often tie ourselves up in knots trying to explain our no, which defeats the point, as the clarity becomes diluted.  In this episode I’m exploring […]