Why have mentor coaching?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets out mentor coaching as one of the ways in which coaches can work towards competency levels and capability in their practice; an essential part of the credentialing process. It provides you with the space to reflect on your practice and refresh your skills in a safe supportive non-judgemental setting. Mentor coaching sessions are a way in which to develop your confidence and competence, and improve your skills as a coach.

What happens during a mentor coaching session?

As the coachee the agenda is always yours to set. There may be particular competencies that you wish to focus on; points during sessions where you feel you are getting stuck or not helping the client move in their desired direction. After setting the focus of the session we will coach for a specified amount of time, with you being the coach and myself being the coachee. I will always bring a live issue, so that the coaching experience is real and meaningful. Once we have coached for the allocated time we will explore how it felt for you as the coach and for myself as the coachee. We will look at your areas of strength; what is working well for you and the coachee? Additionally, we will look at areas where it might be beneficial to bring more focus to in your future sessions; are there competencies that you could give more attention to? We will work on a plan together as to how to help you manage this and develop and enhance your skills.

I would suggest at least three weeks between sessions to allow time for reflection and practice of all that we discuss.

What is the difference between mentor coaching and supervision?

Mentor coaching is about enhancing your skills and your techniques as a coach. It is an area to practice and reflect on what is working and what you would like to improve. Supervision is also a support mechanism to help you develop as a coach, but as a setting to discuss particular issues that you may be having with clients, or to reflect on any emotional responses that you may be having towards your work.

Outcomes for you

Having mentor coaching with me will support you to become more competent and confident in your practice and in line with the ICF competencies.

We will identify and agree a clear path of where your coaching is, to where you want it to be, with points of reference to support you to move forward. It may also unlock new methods and skills for you.

Mentor coaching enables you to become a more emotionally intelligent coach. It helps you move from the process of coaching to the art of coaching. Powerful coaching, with sustainable change, is more than just a series of models or competencies. It is about the ability to work intuitively and to become more masterful. Mentor coaching with me will give you the tools to achieve just that.

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