How can a workshop help you and your employees?

Mental Health was once a subject which was seldom discussed or raised in a workplace. Indeed, it was often incorrectly viewed as a ‘label’ that no employee wanted to have. Thankfully, the world has changed and this has been accelerated further by the events of the pandemic. An organisation’s reputation is judged on far more than profit or shareholder return. Diversity and Inclusion ‘D&I’, Environmental, Social and Governance ‘ESG’ and attitudes to and support on your employees’ mental health are as, if not more important to your various stakeholders.

As an employer, how do you ensure your employees are provided with the best support when they are faced with a mental health issue? Their managers, and others with whom they might raise such a concern, must have an understanding of the various mental health issues, what the differences are and how to best provide support. The bespoke workshops that I create and deliver will give your staff the knowledge and confidence to support your employees in this position.

Having worked in the field of mental well-being for over 20 years, both in social care service delivery and as a certified coach, I am uniquely qualified to present workshops that are grounded in both experience and understanding

What do the workshops cover?

Each workshop is tailored specifically to your organisation. There are some basics that we will always cover such as:

  • What is the difference between a mental health problem and mental well-being?
  • When does it become a problem and what are the warning signs
  • Use of terminology in a supportive framework
  • How to encourage employees to discuss their mental health
  • What approach to take in that discussion, understanding the different styles will use to explain the issue
  • Actions both the employee and you can take to help
  • When to escalate the issue and how to deal with serious problems
  • Looking after your own mental well-being following the above
  • Examples of what other people have done that has worked

Other areas that are specific to your organisation can be discussed and included as needed.

What will participants gain?

  • An increased understanding of mental health
  • How to make themselves more approachable
  • An increased awareness of how to support and help employees that come to them
  • To understand where they can help and when they may need to bring in further support
  • To look after themselves when dealing with these highly emotional and difficult situations

To discuss how a mental health workshop can benefit your staff teams and organisation please contact me on or 07776 128474