How I Work

Julia Rogers - Professional Coach

The coaching process is unique to each individual; people are all at different points in their lives and/ or careers and are looking for different things. Your agenda is the core of our work together. I align and partner with you to explore your situation, and use the most appropriate coaching approaches and tools to get you the result that you want.

My coaching approach is integrated. What this means is that I draw on different psychologically grounded coaching methodologies. These include:

Narrative – what story have you created for yourself about the situation and how/ if you want this to continue
Psychodynamic – what unconscious processes are at play here and how can we bring these to light for you to work on
Cognitive behavioural – identifying how you think about the problem and reframing this to be more supportive
Developmental – enabling you to identify and make changes to grow and mature from your current situation
Cross-cultural – enabling you to engage with change, uncertainty and complication without confusion, whether it is in a multi national organisation, a complexly structured workplace or a new country or culture
Solution focused methodologies – defining the problem/ situation and then constructing the most appropriate solution via goal setting and focussing on your resources.

Our initial session is complimentary. This is for you to explore more about coaching, what it can do for you and to see if we would work well together. During this session we would discuss how often you would like to meet, either in person, via Skype or on the phone. Sessions are generally scheduled weekly or fortnightly, whichever you feel works best in your life.

Please contact me directly for pricing and payment options.