I honestly just have to thank you for giving me the confidence to go after this role. It’s absolutely the job I never knew I wanted, but I have hardly left cloud nine since I started…..

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me during our few sessions. You were helpful beyond belief!

SC, Administrative Manager, Cambridgeshire

Julia has been so helpful in supporting me through working on the COVID-19 wards during the pandemic; a time when I was also hit by a health-scare, a custody case by an abusive ex-partner and losing a family friend to COVID. I feared I wouldn’t cope but Julia has given me tools to put in place to carry on with my life as a single mum, to spend time with my son, time for myself and to reframe the way I look at things. The mix of honest feedback and reassurance was brilliant. I feel strong and that I’m handling things – and well. I’ve found I’m more confident and caring less about what people think of me – when these things would have possibly taken a bashing amidst the circumstances. Julia is so kind, knowledgeable and has such a warm personality with a lovely sense of humour, I would recommend her to anyone looking to feel better, diminish stress, feel less overwhelmed and make lasting changes to the way they think/live. I can’t thank you enough Julia!

Hannah, Physio, UK

I felt very at ease with Julia, like I had known her for years.

Anon, Spotlight Member, UK

I have been working with Julia since 2016. Julia is a consummate professional who whilst being extremely smart and incisive, is warm, engaging and a naturally great listener. Despite our sessions being done over Skype, there is a genuine trust and rapport that transcends the digital interaction. Having had CBT, NLP and other therapies in the past, Julia’s background has helped span my ‘reactive’ needs to issues as well as helping me understand, reflect, review and re-evaluate the entire foundation of my life, and positively build a new framework for how I want to live. The benefits show in every area of my life – at home at and at work. Her encouraging style helps me find my own way of tackling my problems, guiding me to re-think things for myself and apply the learnings made in our sessions.

I found Julia on recommendation from a friend, and I have in turn recommended her to others – I think that says it all!

CE, London. Marketing Professional

I have been working with Julia for almost a year, initially seeking her help with developing my business, but very quickly realising that a revaluation of life was my true motivation. I am now expecting my first child and can honestly say that without Julia’s practical advice, emotional support and empathy, I would not have reached this stage of life with such a positive and calm, but determined outlook for the future. Julia’s unique listening and communication skills have empowered me to explore deep routed feelings and anxieties. She has helped me look beyond my initial words, to the true meaning and reasoning for my thoughts and actions. From this new found understanding, I have been able to make positive changes not only in the way I think and approach situations, but also in the relationships I have with family and friends. I am very grateful to Julia for her patience, expertise and above all caring approach, which has made her coaching an integral part of my life and something I will continue to draw on in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Julia to anyone.

Emma, Kent

As mentor, coach and confidante, Julia’s ability to motivate and inspire is second to none. At times I have felt more than a little lost and she has helped me to find a path back to where I wanted to be. Kind and compassionate, Julia is clear and firm in her approach. She has an uncanny ability to identify strengths within you and empower and enable you to bring them to the surface. If you think you need some help to get your life back on track, look no further. Julia will set you straight!

Matthew Barger, London

Julia is a great coach. I came to see Julia because I was looking for a career change. She has seen me through further study, marriage, life with all its ups and downs and through some tricky work situations. Whatever the issue I bring to her I leave knowing I am going to come away with a clear plan of action even when it seems like there is no possible way forward. Julia really helps you to find your own solutions. She has a great sense of humour and her realism is fabulous for bringing me back down to earth and into the realm of the possible. Julia is action focused but is also empathetic and caring, she is a fantastic coach.

H. Y., Senior Operations Manager, Civil Service, London